1. Engineering of the construction of yachts

2. Construction of luxury residential


HOME ABOARD, born in the New Year and the economic recovery, the greatest competitive advantage resource we can offer to the rest of Europe: The Sun and Climate of Spain, throughout the year. HOME ABOARD created with the technological base from the Yates Engineering Construction, coupled with the experience of building luxury Residential.


In HOME ABOARD departure to the new conception of enjoyment of water sports and it’s pleasant environment. In HOME ABOARD it´s considered that while tourism will be able to start enjoying a new alternative to hotels and residential, both Marinas, and their sporty ports, will be the very indirectly benefit from this revival continuous movement of people in holiday arrangements.


In the Nautical world INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES must and will be the key to recovery. HOME ABOARD is the first company in Spain, which has seen the future of the sector and will set the pace of their evolution.
Houseboat project




1. Comfort of the House

2. Viewing and environment of the sea


HOME ABOARD, presents your first pilot model of a floating house of residential use is consists in an actual floating house that allows the residence a holiday or even a permanent stay, and direct access to the water and commercial zones of Las Marinas.
All the comfort of housing put in the sea with direct access to water and to the commercial areas Las Marinas.


The house, according to their construction, can be broken down into several components, fully integrated and finally each of them gives their own structural integrity.


The ponton hull, was conceived from the design, sturdy enough to hold from the main deck floating structure, the cage structure of the cabin. This is a prototype made entirely from compound materials, so that we beat potential competitors in its light weight and therefore easy to transport and trailer.


The cabin consists of all of the side and top enclosure, which together with the main deck houses all the rooms of the house. And just the hull, is built in compound materials with high mechanical strength and high thermal insulation capacity, being built by polyurethane foam sandwich bodies inside.


The internal configuration will be determined by the overall dimensions of the vessel 15 meters in length x 5 meters wide. This was due to design each of the spaces to impart a maximum capacity of cabins with beds for a total of 8 people.

Houseboat – DownloadsDownload in PDF the memory descriptive of the model prototype 15 M.

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